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Welcome to the Webkinz wiki! This wiki is all about the collectible plushy toys Webkinz. Each Webkinz comes with a code that you can enter online to play in a virtual world with your pet. Anyone can edit the articles on this wiki,so together we can create a great guide to Webkinz World!

About WebkinzEdit

Webkinz are animals of all kinds that you can buy at most any store. Each Webkinz comes with a secret code that you must enter to begin playing online. As soon as you have adopted your first pet,you can begin playing. There is a wide range of activities for you to do in Webkinz World,including decorating your own house with furniture that you can buy at the W-Shop. You can buy everything your ebkinz needs at the W-Shop,from food to exclusive items. Make sure to take plently of time to explore the world and meet new friends. If you need help,you can read the Webkinz Guide (it should be given to you in your first welcome package,or it can be found on the Map Of Kinzville.)

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