Curio Shop

The Curio Shop

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Curio ShopEdit

The Curio Shop is a place for doing all sorts of things. You can buy items at great deals,but you only get 12 items to chose from each day. There are no catagories. Sometimes you can find a rare item at the Curio Shop,too. These items are the ones you don't regocnize at the W-Shop. You can only get them at Arte's Curio Shop.

Another exciting thing you can do at the Curio Shop is gem hunt. You can only do it once a day,and you only get three tries once you select a mine. To gem hunt,click on the button at the bottom where it says 'Gem Hunt'. You can click on the map to select the mine you want to hunt in. Once you select one,use the pick to try and find gems(Remeber, you only get three chances to find a gem each day.) If you find a gem,you have two choices:you can keep it and try to earn the Crown of Wonder,or you can sell it to Arte. Arte will buy any gem you have,the price depending on how rare it is. If you keep the gem,it will be stored in your gem box. Inside your gem box will be all your gems,from red to white. Also,your Crown of Wonder will be there too. When you collect all the gems in one color,a gem of the same color will be added to your crown(When you have collected all the white gems,including the Webkinz Diamond,the diamind will be your white gem on the crown). After all the gems have been added to the crown,you can unlock it. You must find all the gems first though,including the Webkinz Diamond.


The gems in the gem hunt can each be found in specific mines. Here is a guide to help you find them:

~Buried Bones Mine (White Gems)

  • Webkinz Diamond
  • Unicorn Horn
  • Yum Zum Sparkle
  • Zingoz Zincoz
  • Booger Nugget
  • Goober Glitter

~Flea Floater Mine (Green Gems)

  • Earth Emerald
  • Moss Marble
  • Cat's Eye Glint
  • Jaded Envy
  • Pearl Egg
  • Terra Tectonic

~Barking Mad Mine (Yellow Gems)

  • Corona Topaz
  • Aurora Rox
  • Pyramid Plunder
  • Starlight Shimmer
  • Lemon Drop
  • Carat Eclipse

~Howling Horse Mine (Blue Gems)

  • Ocean Sapphire
  • Teardrop Tower
  • Sea Stone
  • Rainbow Flower
  • River Ripple
  • Aqua Orb

~Muzzle Mouth Mine (Red Gems)

  • Red Ruby Heart
  • Ember Amber
  • Volcano Viscose
  • Flare Fyca
  • Torch Treasure
  • Lava Lump